Bridgette and I went in depth on digestion. Everything from where our food comes from, how it is utilized in the body to excretion. 

Why now, after a 188 episodes?

Pilgrimage for a better life.

#186 - WE are I Open Road

After 36 years of adventuring, I still have a lot to learn.

I asked Dr. Josephine Worseck to come back on the podcast to talk about the process of becoming a Wim Hoff instructor and what it is like hosting semi...View Details

#184 - WE are I Jacked Up

My People. My Blood. The extension of my souls energy. 

Social Media links: INSTAGRAM: @dakini.kiss Marja West short Bio: Mar...View Details

#182 - WE are I My People

I have set my sail in to the wind every day to find all of you. I couldn't be more grateful that I found each and everyone of you.

From Russia with 2 suitcases to White Rock BC. What an incredible journey of a Lawyer turned Yogi.   Website   Facebook @they...View Details

What happens right now?

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