Protests in Canada Protests in China Protests in Brazil Protests in Australia  Protests in France Protests in New Zealand Protests in the USA Protest...View Details

Do you participate in the arena of selflessness? Are you willing to help your neighbor, community or even a complete stranger? Do we loose a who were ...View Details

Humans are losing their ability to cope with life in almost every capacity known to man. We live online which we have no real tools to understand how ...View Details

#596 - WE are I Dreams

Why do we dream? What is the benefit? Were dreams ever a useful tool? Do dreams fall into the same category as a tail bone or an appendix?   

Check o...View Details

Thank you for the wise words Jocko,    "Discipline is freedom"  

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How long have we been on this planet? What is the definition of advanced? What did we know then that we clearly did not know now? I find this topic to...View Details

Living in the lap of luxury of a stable environment is not healthy. There is no physiological benefit we receive from a living a mediocre life. Strugg...View Details

#592 - WE are I Part 2

Respect your mind - get in real conversation with all Respect your body - exercise and eat well Respect your heart - connect with all emotions that ma...View Details

How do we fix what is going on in the world today? How do we bring back accountability? How do we get people to care about their family name again?   ...View Details

Rewriting laws, legislation, morals and ethics is a slippery slope to destruction of ones self and society at large. When one person has the audacity ...View Details

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