This is my favorite event of the year. I love watching our community come together to to provide the opportunity for us to put on this event. This yea...View Details

Now that people, politician and the world has been exposed. What do you think about what you have seen? What is your version of the "good?"   Check ou...View Details

What kind of life do you want to live? How much of your life represents junkie mentality. If you need constant hits of dopamine and adrenaline to just...View Details

There is now 4 major investigations into the Liberal Government over Covid 19 related responses. Two on the side of the Emergency Measures taken in Ot...View Details

Bonding with family, filling the freezer and putting in work for what you love and enjoy. What a perfect weekend.   Check out WE are I Podcast on the ...View Details

Here are two links to the story I referenced in this podcast. Details

With suicide, anxiety, depression rates sky rocketing in our younger generations. When are we going to finally admit that our Western model of living ...View Details

Do we have to have sadness to have joy? Do we have to have misery to have bliss? Do we have to have struggle to have contentment?   What is the actual...View Details

The rise of independent media. The rise of mistrust in politicians. The willingness of our institutions to lie. The willingness of our institutions to...View Details

Preston Manning is leading the charge on getting to the bottom of the policies enacted during the Covid 19 Pandemic. He has take a non partisan approa...View Details

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